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Health is a complex body of science, and it requires skilled and experienced individuals to deliver the right healthcare services.

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Do you have a medical condition that needs regular medical attention? Do you prefer staying at home over going to healthcare facilities like hospitals? You can definitely benefit from our services. We have a team of licensed nurses who can take care of your medical needs right at your home.

Our registered nurses have an in-depth understanding of patient care. They can help you with the following services:

  • Post-Operation Dressing Change
  • Staples/Sutures Removal
  • I.V Infusion and Teaching
  • Decubitus Care / Open Wound Care
  • PT/INR, Laboratory
  • Diabetic Teaching/ Insulin
  • PICC Line Care / Foley Care
  • IM, SC, Injections
  • Ostomy Care / Wound VAC

For inquiries, please contact us at 916-476-5870. You may also use our online form to reach us out.

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