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Helping you improve your communication skills
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Communication is an important element in maintaining or building relationships. For the elderly, being able to talk about themselves and their needs boosts their emotional and social well-being. On the other side of the coin, you can easily help your senior loved one address their needs if they can communicate openly and clearly. The ability to communicate well does not only improve your relationship as a family, but it also contributes to your greater health, even if you don’t notice it.

Speech difficulties among seniors hamper their ability to communicate with you. It may also lead to a higher risk of aggravating their health conditions if they have any. Seniors must always disclose whatever they feel in their bodies, whether they feel pain, hungry, etc., so immediate attention or treatment can be applied accordingly. If you’re loved one suffer from speech problems regardless of the cause, our speech therapists can help them regain their communication skills.

Speech therapy at Healing Touch Home Health Care, Inc. utilizes the latest approaches and guidelines to bring back the normal functions of your loved ones in terms of speaking or eating. Our speech therapy services can benefit those who have/are:

  • Weak Vocal Cords
    The vocal cords and larynx produce sounds for us to communicate well. For seniors, these muscles weaken and become less elastic as part of aging. A speech therapist helps seniors adjust to these physical changes through vocal exercises.
  • Dementia Patient
    A lot of dementia patients suffer from speech problems as a consequence of memory loss and cognitive decline. Speech therapy addresses this matter by improving brain functions, including problem-solving skills and attention.
  • Stroke Patient
    Oftentimes, doctors would recommend speech therapy to individuals who have recent stroke attacks. The most common communication disorder that comes with stroke is aphasia. A speech therapist can recover speech by addressing the root causes of aphasia.
  • Swallowing Issues
    Seniors who struggle in swallowing or chewing can benefit from speech therapy. This therapy strengthens the swallowing muscles and reduces the risk of choking.

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